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What does JIRA mean?

Like all good names in the software industry, it started as an in-house code name.

We originally used Bugzilla for bug tracking and the developers in the office started calling it by the Japanese name for Godzilla, Gojira (the original black-and-white Japanese Godzilla films are also office favorites). As we developed our own bug tracker, and then it became an issue tracker, the name stuck, but the Go got dropped - hence JIRA!

Further investigation into the name has revealed that Gorira is Japanese for "gorilla", whilst Kujira is Japanese for "whale". So Gojira is roughly translated to mean "gorilla the size of a whale"! (Thanks to yusuke_arclamp — Oct 2002)

For those who care - it sounds best if you yell it loudly, as though charging into battle. C'mon - try it!

  1. Talking that JIRA-slang language, or jiralang, if I may


How is JIRA pronounced?

We pronounce it 'JEEra', based on the pronunciation of 'Kujira' (see What does JIRA mean?)



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  1. Anonymous

    Java Issue Resolution Application

    1. Anonymous

      Nice try but, thankfully and although Java based, JIRA is not Java-project specific.

  2. Anonymous

    So if it isn't an acronym, why is the JIRA all-caps? Why are you shouting at me?

    1. Anonymous

      Under "What does JIRA mean?" you'll find your answer: "For those who care - it sounds best if you yell it loudly, as though charging into battle. C'mon - try it!"

  3. Anonymous

    Java Issue Resolution Application is a good one. I liked it. Good going..

  4. Anonymous

    Suggest Journal of Issues, Risks and Actions as a meaningful expansion of JIRA

  5. Anonymous

    You have probably been told countless times, but just in case not, jira, pronounced JEERA is cumin in Hindi!

  6. Anonymous

    I guess that's ok


  7. Anonymous

    Why mention Java when it's just pleading for a recursive acronym: JIRA Issue Resolution Application.

  8. Anonymous

    Jira, is pronounced 'JEERA' if so then why oh why is it not spelt that way!

    Pirate is not ‘PEERATE’



    1. Anonymous

      because it's rooted from a Japanese word.

      and many english variation of words or even english rooted words are not pronounced as they are spelled.

  9. Anonymous

    In India, while pronunciation for JIRA is done, it comes out as a hindi word.

    An JIRA(Cumin) - जीरा  is used while cooking : )


  10. Anonymous

    JIRA Isn't Really an Acronym.

  11. Anonymous

    JIRA Isn't Really an Acronym.


  12. Anonymous

    JIRA is debugging system and the name is an acronym for "inside office joke" people! it doesn't mean anything. that's just what they decided to name the damn application because they like Godzilla. In this age of hidden messages, shortcuts, reading between the lines and Illuminati, we automatically assume every unheard of word is an acronym for something else. Sometimes calling a spade a spade really means it's just a spade. nothing more. i like the name and it shows this company knows how to lighten up.

  13. Anonymous


  14. Anonymous


  15. Could you please advise whether JIRA (on Oracle) 5.1.3 will be impacted from the Leap Second or not (coming Leap Second is on 30 Jun 2015)?